Anger Management: Get Hold of Anger Before It Controls You

woman with anger management problems

Anger is a completely natural human emotion. While it might be triggered by something specific—your boss, a friend, or something you read on the internet—it isn’t caused by anything, and it usually isn’t a problem in and of itself. But if your anger gets out of control, it can cause problems in your life and career.

If you deal with anger issues and are looking to gain more understanding about it, it will do you good to read this article through to the end.

Anger Management: Get Hold of Anger Before It Controls You

The first order of business is to define exactly what anger is. Anger is a feeling of intense displeasure and usually occurs as a reaction to something that has happened or hasn’t happened that you don’t like. It’s triggered by a sense of being wrong, and its purpose is to get you to respond quickly to the situation. It’s a primitive emotion that may have evolved as a way to get you to fight or flee quickly when there’s some risk of danger.

Anger is a wonderful thing when it’s used the way it was intended. It gives you the energy you need to respond to a threat or wrong or to stand up for yourself. In these situations, it’s a very positive feeling. It’s only when anger gets out of control that it causes problems.

The Effects of Anger

Anger makes you feel as though you could take on the entire world or that you don’t care about anything. These feelings are quite powerful and can cause you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. For example, you might yell at your boss or your significant other because you’re really angry, even if you know they won’t respond well. When you’re angry, you may also say things that you later regret. For example, you might tell off a co-worker, perhaps saying things that you’ll wish you hadn’t when you cool down.

Why Anger Management May Be Right for You

If you find that you are frequently angry and that your anger has consequences that you don’t like (for example, causing fights in your relationships or difficulty at work), you may need to do something to address your anger. Trying to ignore, repress, or deny your anger may make you feel better in the short term but will backfire on you long term. It may even cause you to have more intense and reactive anger.

If you’re involved in the kind of work that requires you to be in control, like a police officer or a pilot, anger management classes may be necessary for you. These courses provide you with the tools you need to control your anger and bring yourself under control when you’re feeling angry.


Anger is normal and is usually a helpful emotion that can get you to react quickly in situations that might be dangerous or threatening. It’s only when your anger gets out of control that it causes you problems. If you feel that anger is getting out of control, talk about it with someone you trust. You may also want to consider attending a course in anger management.

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