Grief Counselling: How Does It Work and How Can It Help Me?

woman grieving

Losing someone you love is inevitable. You may have seen it coming, but you can never be prepared for the profound sadness, shock, disbelief, or even anger you will feel afterwards. This emotional suffering can be caused by a loss of a loved one, a breakup, or even a death of a pet. 

Processing all of these difficult emotions is called grief. It can seem overwhelming to the point that you can suffer from physical problems, like lowered immunity, fatigue, nausea, and insomnia. The pain can also cause you to isolate yourself from others and retreat into your shell. It can even affect the way you function every day. 

If you are grieving, you don’t have to carry the burden on your own. You can seek professional help through grief counselling. To learn more about this type of counselling and how it can help you, use this article as your guide.

How Does Grief Counselling Work?

Grief involves complicated emotions that make it difficult for you to accept what has happened. By seeking grief counselling, you can learn about the signs and stages of grief and recover from it. Your counsellor or therapist will help you understand what you are going through emotionally and provide you with the personalized support you need to heal. 

For example, suppose you undergo video counselling and spend time discussing what you went through with a professional. In that case, you can learn how to differentiate between grief, sadness, and depression and know how to deal with how you feel.

How Can Grief Counselling Help Me?

Coping with grief can be one of the most complex parts of your life. It can cause an overwhelmingly intense pain that lasts for months or even years. Through counselling, you can navigate your way through it more efficiently by helping you learn more about life and yourself. It can also help you deal with loss, heal yourself, and find your way to move forward.

I Am Having a Hard Time Opening Up. How Do I Deal with This?

Avoiding talking about sadness is common for many, especially after losing someone or something valuable. If you are having a difficult time expressing how you feel even with your closest friends and family, you have to acknowledge that processing your emotions related to grief and talking about them is a healthy way to deal with your situation.

You may tend to hide what you feel to others while grieving, but you have to learn how to open up and let everything out to a grief counsellor. As you let yourself become vulnerable and honestly talk about your situation, you can eventually discover how to cope with emotional hurting.

How Can I Prepare for the Session?

Your situation may be different from others, but you can effectively prepare for your online counselling session and help your counsellor or therapist know your situation by organizing your thoughts and making a list of questions before making the call. You should also know what to expect before the session. 


Grief is a normal reaction to loss and a natural part of life. Unfortunately, it can disrupt your overall health, making it difficult for you to function normally. The good thing is that you can deal with its different stages, go through the process, and eventually heal through grief counselling. If you think this is the right option for you based on the information in this guide, reach out only to a reputable therapist.

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