How to Cope With the Stress of Trying to Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive can feel overwhelming and exhausting, especially if it does not happen as quickly as you expect. Every woman’s experience varies, and some have a more difficult time than others. And when women face fertility issues, they might become depressed, unmotivated, and feel hopeless. It is essential to know that these are challenges that you have to face bravely to get to the other side.

Here are some ways to help you cope when trying to get pregnant becomes frustrating and exhausting for you and your spouse.

1. Do Not Think About the Process Too Much

Understandably, you might become obsessed with checking pregnancy tests and tracking your monthly period, but this can end up frustrating you more. Instead of being relaxed and letting time take its course, you will likely end up feeling pressured and stressed. It is best to take a pregnancy test only when your period is already several days or even a week late. The more frequently you take tests, the more you waste and the more you get disappointed. 

If your period comes instead of a positive pregnancy test, do not let it get to you. Focus on your goal and just try again. In the meantime, keep yourself away from stress and negativity as this may affect your hormones and fertility.

2. Do Not Let the Two-Week Wait Get to You

The two-week wait refers to the period between potential embryo implantation and a positive pregnancy test. And again, you should not let negative emotions overwhelm you. The two-week wait can put you under high stress and anxiety levels. During such a time, find distractions or revisit the things you love. You can go on dates with your loved one, spend time with your family or friends, pick up new movies and books, or even try out new recipes. 

Try your best to get your mind off the wait and achieve peace within yourself. If you need help coping with the two-week wait, you can opt for fertility counselling to reestablish your emotional equilibrium. 

3. Focus on Your Relationship with Your Partner

If both of you are too focused on getting pregnant, sex may end up like a task. This can decrease both of your libidos and make it even more difficult for you to conceive a baby. You and your partner should focus on improving and growing your relationship. Give attention to each other, have deep talks, go on dates, and try new things together. 

You can look for marriage counselling in Cambridge that can help you and your partner maintain a healthy, intimate relationship.

4.  Make Sure That You Take Care of Yourself

You have to keep yourself healthy if you want to give life to another human being. Spend time exercising, preparing nutritious food, and seeing your doctor for regular checkups.  But aside from maintaining a balanced diet and going for regular checkups, you also have to keep your mind healthy.

Free yourself from stress and negative emotions. Take the time to really think about what would free you from stress, as it can vary for everyone. Consider going to the spa, practicing yoga, meditating, doing arts and crafts, and other similar activities.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, things just do not go the way you planned them. But that does not mean you should stop and not try again. This mindset also applies to conceiving a child, so do not torture yourself over not getting pregnant immediately. Be patient and hope for the best results. Remember that good things always take time. 

If you feel like you need to talk to a professional, talk to us at Chettiar Counselling & Associates. We offer fertility counselling services in Cambridge, Ontario, and nearby areas. Book an appointment online and let us help you.