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Counselling for Addiction in Guelph

Addiction can tend to leave a person feeling helpless. It can make people feel as though they are held hostage in their own life. For some people, they may not view their addiction as a problem yet. They might believe that they have enough self-control to stop their addictive behaviour. The unfortunate news is that their addiction may keep getting worse. If you or a loved one are in this position, it may be time to seek profession counselling support. Counselling can help you begin your healing journey. In your counselling sessions, you will develop strategies that will allow you to rediscover and live a more fulfilling life.

Some of the most prevalent addictions include food, drug abuse, alcoholism, video game addiction, gambling, and pornography. Contrary to popular belief, there is no better or worse addiction because they all have dire consequences on your life. You may feel like you have little control over your addiction. In such a case, getting an experienced professional to walk you through the recovery process can help you take steps toward your healing.

A concept that is relevant when discussing addictions is codependency. The term can be defined as an unhealthy relational style with a member of the family suffering from addictions. Codependency therapy can help both members of the family regain control over their life by reducing the unhealthy relational dynamics.

You might have struggled with your addiction for a long time. Counselling can serve as a helpful resource for you to develop healthy coping strategies and process unresolved emotional issues that may have deeply impacted you.

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Counselling support is available to help you overcome your addiction. You can view our appointment availability and book online or email [email protected] if you have any questions about the therapy process.

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