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We are offering Video and Phone Counselling

As this COVID-19 crisis has been unfolding, we have switched over to offering video-based and phone counselling. We understand that social distancing and being isolated in your home can be a highly stressful time for individuals and couples. We are here to offer support.

Check your Insurance Benefits for Coverage

We understand this can be a financially challenging time for many people. Please note that you may be covered for psychotherapy services under your work insurance benefits or in your partner’s benefits. Check to see if you have coverage for a psychotherapist or a social worker. Based on your coverage, we can match you with the therapist that will be covered.

New YouTube Channel with Free videos for Coping Strategies

To extend our mental health and relationship support, we are starting a YouTube channel titled “Feelings Decoded” and planning on releasing weekly videos to offer coping strategies and relationship tips.

Here is one of our videos. Click the image to watch the video.

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