Why Timing Is So Important for Marriage Counselling

marriage counseling

So, are you interested in getting married or are you already married and need some help? If so, we hope you’re ready for some counselling. After all, marriages aren’t easy to maintain, and many couples, unfortunately, end up with divorce for all sorts of reasons. 

Through counselling, many difficult questions can be answered. Questions like “can my marriage be saved” or “should I stay with my partner” are frequent questions that are asked and answered. Truth be told, however, how effective the answers are will depend on the motivations of both partners.

That said, one of the most important factors of marriage counselling is timing. Mistime it, and marriage counselling might not do much for you.

So, how exactly does timing affect marriage counselling? Let’s talk about that:

Examples of Not Timing Marriage Counselling Properly

1. Not Waiting Long Enough

One of the most important factors of marriage counselling is timing. If you don’t wait long enough, there won’t be any time for counselling to work. For example, if you walk into a marriage counsellor’s office and say, “I need to talk to you about some problems I’m having with my partner,” chances are, they won’t be able to help you.

The reason is that if you come in too early, chances are that your relationship and your partner are too new. Sometimes as little as a few months can make a huge difference, and if you aren’t willing to wait that long, you aren’t going to have the best marriage counselling experience.

2. Coming in Too Late

While the first example is better than no marriage counselling at all, coming in too late at the end of a relationship is a recipe for disaster. 

If you come in too late, then your relationship is beyond repair. In many cases, some of the most important questions that you’d want to ask a marriage counsellor are beyond their powers of help, and you’ll have no choice but to move on.

And the thing about marriage counselling is that it’s not magic. Even if you come in at the right time, it still might not work, but the chances are much better if you come in when you need marriage counselling the most.

So Why Is Timing So Important?

Timing is important because it’s not just about how long your relationship has been going on. It’s about how long you and your partner have been putting up with the problems. Generally, the longer you put up with your relationship problems, the harder it is to fix.

So, if you’re in a bad marriage, or your marriage is in crisis, then the sooner you go to marriage counselling, the better. After all, if you can’t fix your marriage right away, then you might as well go and get some help for your marriage counselling.

However, if you can’t go to marriage counselling right away, there’s still hope for your marriage, so don’t despair. Instead, the next time you run into trouble in your marriage, you can wait for a bit! Doing this will give you more time to think about how you want to deal with the issues. Sometimes, a little extra time to think can make all the difference.


In conclusion, timing is important if you’re looking to fix your marriage. If you come in at the wrong time, you might find it impossible to get the help you need from a marriage counsellor. That said, if you come in too early, before you and your partner are ready for marriage counselling, then there’s a chance you might even “push the other person away.” So, it’s always best to think things through before you go into marriage counselling.

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