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Counselling is all about human connection. Meet the humans that stand behind Chettiar Counselling’s commitment to provide quality therapy services. Each of us come from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of expertise. We will help you face adversity and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Megan Gauthier, M.S.W.,
Registered Social Worker/

Megan is passionate about walking alongside you in your search for meaning and change. She strives to meet you where you're at, fostering a therapeutic relationship of collaboration and acceptance.

Jocelyn Hansen, M.A.,
Registered Psychotherapist

Jocelyn is a warm, genuine, and compassionate therapist who provides a safe and non-judgmental space for self‑exploration, emotion processing, recovery, and personal growth to occur.

Madelyn Whittle, M.C.,
Registered Psychotherapist

Madelyn is a genuine and caring therapist who consistently strives to foster hope. Clients have often described Madelyn as having a calm and grounding presence.

Hari Chettiar, M.C., R.P., CRPO,
Clinical Director/
Registered Psychotherapist

Hari creates a safe space for you to process painful experiences, tunes into your emotional experience, and empowers you to overcome the challenges you are facing.

Manija Janali, M.S.W.,
Registered Social Worker/

Manija offers a safe and non-judgemental space to uncover the root cause of issues and helps you develop coping strategies.

Anna Chettiar
Office Admin

Anna Chettiar, B.Tech.,
Web developer/
Social Media Manager

Anna’s expertise in Information Technology allows Chettiar Counselling to connect with clients through an active digital presence.

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