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Our Purpose

At Chettiar Counselling & Associates, we believe that the most important priority of running a counselling clinic should always be providing high quality of care for our clients. As therapists, we see clients for whom visiting us might be the first step in their healing journey and on the other hand, we may see people reaching out as a last-ditch attempt after having seen other professionals without experiencing any meaningful changes.

To ensure that we can provide high quality care, Hari Chettiar, the clinical director, encourages a team of psychotherapists and counsellors to prioritize their wellness. Over the years, prioritizing quality over quantity has led to a culture of care and support at Chettiar Counselling. Unlike other counselling clinics that require you to take on administrative and marketing tasks, we do the opposite by consistently looking to reduce any unnecessary logistical load. We take on all that load so that you can focus on meaningful counselling work and take time for your self-care. This approach has led to a team of associates that are happy to be part of our group practice and ultimately this has fostered our mission of providing high quality care for our clients.

We have processes in place to ensure seamless service delivery for our clients and care for our associates. As a self-managed team, you will be respected and valued as an independent professional. You will have a sense of autonomy while still being able to access support from the team when you would like to access it.

Current Oppourtunities

At Chettiar Counselling, there is no micromanaging. We don't believe in conventional hierarchies in a workplace environment. Each member of the team brings value that is unique to the group. If you have ideas that will make your work easier and will improve the quality of care for our clients, we will do all that we can to create processes that will help your ideas come to life. If you are committed to providing quality psychotherapy services and want autonomy and flexibility in your work, then please check out the below postings for requirements and more application details!

Couples Therapist

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