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Clinical Supervision

Chettiar Counselling is proud to be part of the ongoing learning within the therapist community in Ontario. We offer clinical supervision for Registered and Qualifying Psychotherapists, and other Mental Health Professionals practicing in Ontario as a way to encourage ongoing professional development. Our clinical supervisors are trained in providing support for therapists and they meet the CRPO clinical supervision requirements.

We offer clinical supervision for CRPO registrants across Ontario in individual, dyadic, or group format.

Dyadic Supervision

We strongly believe that the foundation of providing effective counselling for clients is based on a therapist’s ability to stay congruent within themselves and genuinely remain present as they bear witness to their client’s painful experiences. While your supervisor will work with you to ensure that you practice psychotherapy safely for the client and yourself, they will also help you critically examine your intentions while using particular techniques or counselling modalities. Our supervisors are passionate about encouraging the love of learning and embracing the “not knowing” while you provide therapy. In clinical supervision, we will also help you navigate through your qualifying process and support you to feel more confident as a newly Registered Psychotherapist. We will help you meet your CRPO clinical supervision requirements in Ontario and make the process of learning enjoyable and meaningful.

Our supervisors also provide clinical supervision and case consultations for psychotherapists in independent private practice. Even if you have already met the CRPO’s hours for clinical supervision you will benefit from supervision support from time to time.

Hari Chettiar is a recognized CRPO clinical supervisor in Ontario. He is passionate about not only supporting his clients but also Interns, Registered Psychotherapists, Counsellors and other Mental Health Professionals in Ontario.

Areas of focus for supervision with Hari include but not limited to:

  • Case Consultations
  • Clinical supervision for use of a range of counselling techniques and working with various populations (individuals, couples, cultural competence etc.)
  • Case Conceptualizations
  • CRPO Quality Assurance and Professional development conversations (recommended resources etc.)

Fees for both individual/Dyadic Supervision: $160/meeting

Group Supervision

At Chettiar Counselling, we are able to provide monthly group supervisions where you can connect with other psychotherapists, discuss your client cases, and receive supportive feedback to help you manage your ongoing counselling caseload.

We provide multiple ONLINE Clinical Supervision Group Sessions for therapists in Ontario to offer more flexibility. You can choose from a 2 hour or 3 hour group supervision session.

  • Our groups are open to Ontario Psychotherapists (Registered and Qualifying therapist or in Independent Practice) and other Mental Health professionals.
  • Registration is required to ensure there is enough demand to run a group session.

Fees for Group Supervision: 2 hour groups are $120/meeting

Below are the available group dates and times. Groups are open to Mental Health professionals and to practicum students practicing in Ontario.

Saturdays 8:00am - 10:00am EST - Group has three spots available as of Sep 5, 2022

*Please ensure you have access to high-speed internet connection to participate in the online group sessions from anywhere in Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many supervision hours do I need for CRPO?

The CRPO requirement for the Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying status is 1 clinical supervision hour for every 4.5 direct client contact hours. For the Registered Psychotherapist without independent practice, the CRPO requirement is 1 clinical supervision hour for every 10 direct client contact hours. Beyond this stage, for therapists in independent practice, it would be beneficial to have supervision support as a form of self-care and ongoing professional development to meet CRPO’s quality assurance requirements.

What are the types of supervision?

We offer clinical supervision for CRPO registrants across Ontario in individual, dyadic, or group format. We also support other mental health professionals by providing case consultations and provide supervision for counselling interns who are in the process of qualifying with the CRPO.

Our supervisors meet the CRPO’s definition of a clinical supervisor. Whether you are a counselling intern, new graduate, or an experienced psychotherapist or social worker, we can offer clinical supervision support for you and offer a setting where you make professional connections.

What should I talk about in clinical supervision?

In clinical supervision, you will have a chance to discuss your philosophical orientation while offering psychotherapy. You will be able to ensure that you are aware of ethical responsibilities to be compliant with CRPO requirements. As part of the process, your supervisor will ask questions to help you raise your own awareness around any similarities or differences in social and cultural diversity between you and your client. In group supervision, your supervisor will create a space to engage in discussions about developmental factors that may affect your clients at different stages in their life. You will also have a chance to ask questions as they relate to your career development as a therapist.

Whether you are in individual, dyadic, or group supervision, you will have an opportunity to clarify any doubts about preventing dual relationships that may come up with a client. You will learn to fine tune your assessment process and case conceptualization while working with your clients. You will also get to explore safe use of self as highlighted by CRPO requirements and raise your self-awareness to provide therapy in a safe manner.

What are the benefits of clinical supervision?

There are several benefits of clinical supervision. Supervision is an intentional process in which you will have a chance to regularly meet your clinical supervision and discuss your clients wellbeing and your counselling approaches/techniques. You will also have a chance to ensure you are taking care of your own wellness and manage any of your own anxieties as a therapist.

Through clinical supervision, you will have a chance to discuss any doubts related to CRPO requirements and focus on your professional growth. You will learn to practice safe and effective use of self with your clients and discuss any doubts related to the direction of your clinical work.

In group supervision, you will have a chance to network with other therapists and reduce feelings of isolation while in private practice. Your supervisor will be able to help you navigate practice related issues such as boundary setting with clients and support you to manage any countertransference reactions. Group supervision is also more affordable compared to individual or dyadic supervision. The CRPO requirements allows you to have some supervision hours in the group setting and you can meet your requirements by spreading out the hours in each form of clinical supervision.

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