5 Ways You Can Deal with Grief During the Holiday Season


It’s the most beautiful time of the year. But not for everyone. For some people, the events of the holiday season can be a painful reminder of the absence of the people they’ve lost throughout the years. 

However, for others, it’s a comforting reminder of the happy days spent together and all the memories they’ve built over time.

If you are still in mourning, here are some things that could help you manage the holiday season.

1. Recognize the Feelings You’re Experiencing

There are no rules on how you should feel during the holidays. If you want to cry, let it out. If you like to laugh, do it. If you prefer to be alone, go for it.

There is no wrong way to deal with grief during Christmas. Everybody goes through the season differently. If you are in mourning, you will have to develop a strategy for your benefit and be sure to give yourself time and space to deal with things.

2. Plan Activities That Can Bring You Comfort

Although you might be feeling sad, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holidays with the rest of your family. If you want to spend your time with the people you love, that’s okay.

Maybe you want to take a break and go on a vacation or spend time with friends. If you’re going to watch Christmas movies with a cuppa and your favourite blanket, go ahead. If you wish to take a day off to watch TV with your family, make it happen. Whatever you want to do, so long as it makes you happy, you should do it.

3. Remember and Honor Your Loved Ones

There are different ways to pay homage to the people you love during the holidays. You could wear your loved one’s Christmas sweatshirt or a piece of jewelry they love on you. Maybe you could also take a photo with a particular ornament given to you by your loved one or light a candle in their memory.

There are many ways you can honour the people you lost during Christmas. You just have to decide what’s best for you.

4. Try Out Something New

If you want a way to remind yourself that you can act out of the norm, try out a new tradition or do something you haven’t done before.

You could try a new recipe, bake your favourite cookies, or hang a mistletoe. The possibilities are endless. You could even dress up as a Christmas elf and hang out with the kids at the mall. You can do whatever you want to breathe new life into the season.

5. Receive the Support You Need

Sometimes, the best thing you could do during the holidays is get the support you need. If you feel like you can’t handle the season on your own, make sure to reach out to a solid support system.

You could call a bereavement hotline or a counsellor and talk to a listening ear who understands what you are going through. You could also talk to your family and friends and ask them for help and support.

Final Thoughts

The holidays can be painful for people who are mourning. But it does not have to be. If you want to get through the season in one piece, follow these tips and do what you need to get through the holidays.

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