4 Times You May Need to See a Counselor for Infertility

counsellor therapy

Some people know that they need to work through a rough patch with a therapist, but keep putting it off because they don’t believe it to be a priority. Others view their challenges as unworthy of being attended to and choose to distract themselves instead. Women and couples going through a rough time due to infertility, in particular, experience an overload of emotions that they may not be able to work through by themselves. This presents even more reason to speak about it.

An infertility counsellor can offer you a safe space no matter who you are or what your identity is, where you can be verbal about your pain and make yourself heard. It can help you work through different chapters of your life and discuss other options for building a family that you’re comfortable with. 

Here are some instances where you may need to speak to a counsellor for infertility:

When The Periods Of Anxiety Get Out Of Hand

Going through infertility can make you have bouts of depression and anxiety. These can go for long periods of time, but it can be worrying when it seems like your life has been consumed by worrying and panic. Consider getting infertility counselling to learn what healthy coping mechanisms you can adopt to ease the anxiety.

A licensed psychiatrist, with advice from a physician, can also prescribe you medication. Taking a prescription can help boost your mood and is ideally safe to take while you’re trying to conceive with your partner.

When Your Relationship Is Filled With Stress

Straight and LGBTQ couples alike go through a lot of mental and emotional stress when the process of trying to build a family takes its toll. Some couples are able to find ways to cope and hold on, but others may find it difficult to voice out how they’re feeling. 

Women do express emotions more than men, which can generate some miscommunication along the way. One person may feel like they aren’t getting the proper care and understanding they reserve, which could be something to work through in a mediated counselling session. 

When You Want Consider New Options

Whether you’ve received recommendations of considering other options or you’re checking resources of your own volition, talk it out with an infertility counsellor. It can get emotionally overwhelming when thinking about getting a third party involved for a child and all it entails.

It can be a difficult conversation to have with friends and family when you’re still at the crossroads about your decision and overthinking the situations to come. A counsellor can help you take steps when pondering over surrogacy, adoption, or gamete donations. 

When You Want Some Support

Coming to terms with your infertility issues requires a lot of emotional support and a judgment-free zone. Especially when you’re unsure about what’s to come next and whether you’ll go childfree or continue trying to conceive, you just want everything to make sense. 

An infertility counsellor can aid you in your journey to coping with infertility. Having someone to talk to and listen to your frustrations can make you feel more valid. People just need to be heard, and it doesn’t make them any less strong or independent.


Getting counselling from a professional regarding your infertility can give you a little bit of clarity about your options and your own emotions. You have someone who will respect your boundaries while helping you explore your own thoughts and feelings to go through them, reducing the loneliness of having to cope by yourself.

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