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Anxiety:  Do you ever find yourself on a thinking treadmill? Trying to think your way out of it only leaves you felling mentally and emotionally exhausted. Counselling can help you tune into your fears and manage them so that you are less anxious. Learn more

Depression:  Feeling unmotivated, hopeless, and apathy can make your day-to-day life really challenging and lead your thoughts into a downward spiral. Through counselling, you can learn to manage the symptoms of depression and process some of the difficult life experiences that may be contributing to the depression. Learn more

Anger Management:  Anger is a secondary emotion that can have some destructive effects in your life and relationships. Anger is usually fueled by an underlying emotion such as fear or sadness. Therapy can be help you learn to connect with your inner experience and manage the anger with some coping strategies. Learn more

Relationship Issues:  Relationship counselling can be helpful for each partner and serve as an opportunity to better understand each others’ values. It can also help uncover the intensions behind each of your behaviours and be a place where you get to heal from some of the emotional wounds and rebuild your connection with your partner. Learn more

Parenting Support:  A therapist can often help parents tune into their children’s thoughts and emotions. In this way, parents can take a step back from the maladaptive behaviours of their children and attend to their needs and foster a sense of connection. Learn more

Separation/Divorce:  The process of separation can be quite emotionally challenging on both partners. Through counselling support for separation and divorce, you will be able to better navigate these emotional experiences and manage the practical challenges around legal and custody issues during the separation process. Learn more

Fertility Challenges:  Fertility challenges can be mentally and emotionally taxing on both partners. It can be difficult to remain hopeful and manage some of the negative thoughts that maybe further intensifying your emotional experiences. A therapist can help you overcome these negative thoughts and help you retain a sense of hop. Learn more

Grief and Loss:  Our therapists can help you attend to your mental wellness as you go through the various stages of grief and loss. We help you process some of the difficult experiences during this time in your life and work with you to find ways to honor the person you lost and give meaning to the loss. Learn more

Trauma Recovery:  We can support you to work through your trauma and help manage its effects on your mind and body. Our therapists are trained to work with various counselling approaches to help you deal with trauma. Some of these approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment Theory, and Mindfulness Approach. Learn more

Eating Disorders:  We support clients with eating disorders and their families better understand their condition and we support them to develop helpful coping strategies to encourage healing and mental wellness. We help uncover some of the underlying emotional concerns that may be fueling the eating disorder. Learn more

Gaming Issues:  Through therapy, we help clients with gaming issues process some of the emotional and cognitive concerns that may be contributing to their excessive gaming behaviours. We support clients to engage in healthy coping strategies so they can manage their responsibilities at school, work, and home. Learn more

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