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Reduced Rate Counselling

As mental health professionals we recognize that there are barriers to accessing counselling services. Not everyone has access to insurance or can afford therapy. But mental health issues can affect anyone from every walk of life.

The clinical director, Hari Chettiar, here at Chettiar Counselling believes that the most important element of therapy that leads to better outcomes is a humanistic foundation. Common factors research in psychotherapy suggests that the therapeutic relationship has more impact than even the techniques that a therapist uses. Hari staying true to his understanding of the common factors research has ensured that he takes on associates and interns that have a strong humanistic foundation that prioritize the therapist-client relationship.

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Rachel Urquhart
(Individual Therapy for Adults and Teens 13+)

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Anxiety, Depression, Anhedonia, Anger & Stress Management/Coping strategies, Resilience, Boundaries & Boundary Setting, Body Image, Identity & Self-Exploration, Meaning & Purpose, Spirituality &/or Faith, Life Transitions, Sexuality and Gender Expression, Relationships, Loss, and Grief.

Andi Kujtan
(Current/Returning Clients only)

Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Emotional Regulation, Inner Child Work, Autism, ADHD, Parenting Support, Post-Partum Support, Life Transitions, Stress Management and Sexuality (LGBTQIA+).

Our interns are able to offer evidence-based therapy at a radeuced rate. Also, they do their clinical work under the direct supervision of Hari Chettiar.

By offering reduced rates, we hope to make counselling more accessible to the clients who may otherwise not reached out to a therapist. We hope that these clients can receive the counselling they deserve while helping to put all of our intern’s knowledge into practice.

With our Supervised Intern Program, those who need reduced rate for counselling can receive therapy support to help with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, and sleeping problems.

Together, the supervising clinician and intern will work as a treatment team, offering you the combined knowledge and expertise of two professionals for your counseling needs.

Are the interns knowledgeable enough to provide counselling support?

The interns in our Supervised Intern Program are masters level students. They have dedicated themselves to learning and acquiring the knowledge they need in order to support people through evidence-based therapies and treatments.

In fact, since they have only recently finished their counselling psychology courses, they tend to be up-to-date with current and effective treatment approaches.

They also have the support of other interns and their clinical supervisor. So if they need to, they can rely on their supervisor to guide them. Here at Chettiar Counselling, we have carefully vetted and selected them because they are compassionate, intelligent, and passionate about supporting clients through hardships.

That's why we are confident they will be able to provide quality care at a cost that is considerate of your budget.

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