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Couples Counselling in Guelph

A once-happy relationship can be plagued by many problems that will result in its breakdown.

Anger, infidelity, insecurity, miscommunication, power imbalance, and resentment are just few of the causes that may break down a good relationship. They also make it challenging to maintain the bond between couples.

Giving up due to these signs of trouble is not the way to go, however, suffering through the same endless draining cycle of pain is also not helpful.

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Couples therapy works on two areas:

1. Addressing issues on communication and other pressing concerns

In this part, the therapist helps the couples to be honest, straightforward, and vulnerable when they communicate with each other rather than avoid, blame, or placate one another. The therapist serves as an intermediary party as you and your partner learn new strategies for communicating and apply or practice them in real-life situations.

2. Letting go of accumulated relational stress from the past

A deeper aspect of couples’ therapy is to help couples face past relational stress that has accumulated over the course of their relationship and to heal from these past wounds.

Now that you have more helpful strategies for better and honest communication, you will both have a chance to process any insecurity, infidelity, physical abuse, and secrets without either one of you pointing fingers.

The second area is often the most difficult to work with but couples counseling will help lay down the proper foundation for success.

Oftentimes, it only takes the first level for couples to regain their love and respect for each other. But you and your partner can decide which approach will work best for both of you.

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