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Counselling for Depression

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), depression affects nearly 300 million people around the world. Depression occurs in two main forms: seasonal affective disorder and the major depressive disorder. The seasonal depression is common during the winter months and is prevalent in people living in colder climates. The major depressive episode is defined by DSM-V as the loss of interest, pleasure or mood in nearly every activity for a period of at least two weeks.

If you live with depression, you may have noticed a change in your appetite and weight. You may also be experiencing other symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, frequent fatigue or energy drain episodes, challenges in concentrating and making decisions, psychomotor agitation, and/or suicidal feelings. There are several factors that might have caused your depression or that of a loved one. These could include biological factors, unresolved issues, a difficult breakup, abusive circumstances, or even a stressful move

Occasional feelings of depression especially when things don’t turn out as you had expected is normal. However, when these feelings and symptoms become persistent, it may be a sign that it is time for you to get help.

How Can Therapy Help?

Depression can be summarised as a form of inactivity that results from a cycle between negative behaviour and negative thoughts. It is the inactivity that activates the feelings of hopelessness, which if left unchecked could turn into a downward spiral. Combining counselling and medication can be an effective way of dealing with the feelings of hopelessness, guilt, and worthlessness. When you step out and look for help, you may be able to access medications such as antidepressants from your doctor and access a range of counselling approaches (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT)) from your therapist.

Remember, depression can be treated. You can develop the coping mechanisms necessary to lead a productive and healthy lifestyle.

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