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Teens Counselling in Guelph

Teenagers go through a lot of challenges with puberty, bullying, peer pressure, and experimentation with drugs and alcohol. This is also the stage when teens are confused by awkward sexual encounters.

It’s hard for parents to watch their teenage kids go through their daily life with a lot of confusion. But it’s harder for the teens themselves.

Many teenagers suffer from anxiety, bullying, depression, and low self-esteem. As if transitioning from childhood to adulthood isn’t challenging enough, social expectations make matters worse.

Counselling for teenagers is available to help them manage such concerns and it can be an effective form of support.

The problem is that most teenagers would do anything to hide behind a façade of happiness and make “I’m okay” their mantra.

Most teenagers easily sense if a counselor is impersonal or out of touch with issues relevant to their generation. Why would they want to deal with this kind of therapist?

Then, there’s the issue of shame and embarrassment of going through therapy.

Whether you’re a teen or a parent, you can rely on me to provide clinical interventions that resonate with teens and deliver them in a way that teenagers appreciate.

I understand how a teenager’s mind works from a developmental standpoint. I don’t enter the session with any particular agenda. Rather, I connect with your son or daughter’s day-to-day experiences and work with them to manage their emotional distress.

Are you a resident of Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge area?

Reach out for teens counselling. You can view our appointment availability and book online or email [email protected] if you have any questions about the therapy process.

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