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Young Adults Counselling in Guelph

Remember when you were younger, and you wished to grow up quickly, but now that you’re hitting 20 to 35 you wish the exact opposite? You’re not alone.

Young adulthood is not always easy. But no one bothered to tell you just how difficult it is.

If only someone prepared us for the challenges that come our way, then perhaps we won’t have to feel like every step, every decision is a challenge.

  • What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
  • Which job pays well and keeps you happy and engaged?
  • Is working in a stressful environment better than not working at all?
  • How do you achieve work-life balance?

Questions such as these make young adulthood a period of reflection.

Throw in relationship concerns and you’re looking at a pile of issues that you need to work around or overcome.

  • Are you ready to be in a committed relationship?
  • Do you want to be married?
  • Are you ready to become a parent?
  • What if the choice to become a parent is taken off your hands due to unforeseen events?

All these areas can be factors that contribute to mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Rise above them with the support of your therapist.

There are a wide range of interventions and therapeutic modalities to address the issues you are facing. Get rid of negative thought patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy. Don’t wait for stress to become a major problem.

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