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Counselling for Gaming Issues

Everyone copes differently when experiencing emotional distress. Some people may use unhelpful coping strategies such as abusing substance, excessively shopping, or being preoccupied with sex. One problem that is relatively new to our society is gaming Issues.

Many young people have taken to online gaming communities as a way to connect with other people and deal with emotional issues. A lot of the times people who are really in to gaming may not even recognize that they are using gaming as a way to manage their emotional distress. There may be a range of emotional challenges that can fuel the excessive desire to play games. For instance, some people may be facing loneliness, anxiety related to academics, or even social anxiety. In such situations, the underlying emotions such as fear, sadness, guilt, shame, or anger may be driving their behaviour (excessive gaming).

Here’s how we can help.

In therapy, we help our clients to process some of these emotions and find healthy coping strategies that allow them to remain committed to their responsibilities at school, work, and home. Here at Chettiar Counselling, we view gaming dependency as a symptom of an underlying issue. Our therapists work in a holistic manner by helping clients navigate their cognitive, emotional, and behavioural responses.

Gaming dependency can become an ongoing issue that can have a domino effect on other areas of an individual’s life. Contact one of our therapists to get the right support for your concerns.

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Counselling support is available to help you overcome your gaming issues. You can view our appointment availability and book online or email [email protected] if you have any questions about the therapy process.

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